Ampoxcilin - COMBI 2 Multi Micronutrient

Product type: Micronutrient
Technical Name: Chelated Multi Micronutrient Fertilizer
Micronutrients are elements which are necessary in less amount, for the actual development and growth of plants, as they regulate the metabolic processes essential for their actual growth.
Lack of micronutrients may lead to decrease the production of plants and crops.
Product Name Ampoxcilin
Commom Name COMBI-2
Composition Zn 5.0%
Fe 4.0%
Mn 3%
Cu 1.0%
B 2.0%
Mo 0.30%
Pb 0.003%
Packaging Size 1kg, 500gms, 250gms
Form Powder
  • By drip - 15 days after transplanting, use 30gms every day by drip per acre for a month.
  • By Foliar Spray - 200gms in 200 litre of water (1gram per litre of water) by spray per acre - repeat every 15 days.
  • Ampoxcilin is chelated multi micronutrient and it is the perfect complement to NPK fertilizer.
  • It is useful for prophylactic and curative treatment of micro nutrient deficiencies in intensive crop and field crops.
  • The formulation of these products takes into amount the subsequent combinations with fertilizers occurring in Impregnation and foliar applications.
  • This prevents precipitation, therefore avoiding clogging the irrigation system and atomizers.
  • It contains Homogeneous free flowing micro granules rapidly and completely soluble in water.
  • It ensures rapid uptake and protection from premature fixation.
  • Ampoxcilin can together be used with any fungicide/Chemical.

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  • For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.
  • The uses of these Micronutrient and their dosages might vary due to Soil condition, crop stage and weather conditions.
  • We encourage you to consult a local agronomist before using these Micronutrient Fertilizers.
  • Please note , the dosages given here are just for reference – We do not take any responsibility of the exact dosage and we do not provide any schedule for your crops, plant or trees.

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